Legal Advisory Service

Legal Advisor

Dispute prevention and enhancement of management efficiency

Through entering into an agreement for legal advisor with Kim & Hyun(Seseung) LLC, medical institutions will be able to not only prevent medical dispute in advance but also be provided various informations of present issues in medical practices so that they can maximize their business management efficiency.

1:1 customized service to be provided by advisory attorney

Kim & Hyun(Seseung) LLC assigns an attorney responsible for certain legal issues as requested by a medical institution and ensure him or her provide prompt and accurate legal services so as to minimize any and all the legal risks which may be foreseeable.

Provision of legal services for dispute prevention

  • provide guidelines on medical related laws and regulations such as the Medical Service Act and the National Health Insurance Act
  • provide guidelines on major contents of enactment and revision of laws and regulations related to medical practice and issues
  • provide legal advice on administrative disposition against violation of the Medical Service Act
  • provide education sessions for countermeasures know-how and matters requiring attention to on-the-spot inspection conducted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • examine agreements related to labor issues such as employment rules and employment agreement
  • prepare and examine various agreements after joint opening of hospitals

Updated data on present issues on medical services

Kim & Hyun(Seseung) LLC provide updated data on present issues in medical industry, medical related laws and regulations and latest case laws through regular newsletters to be sent once every week

Holding regular meetings and seminars

By holding meetings with medical institutions for which it provides advices on a regular basis, Kim & Hyun(Seseung) LLC examines legal issues presently confronted by them and, through regular seminars, it also arranges a place where for a discussion and information exchange with clients.

Provision of lecture dealing with legal issues upon request of clients

Kim & Hyun(Seseung) LLC provide support through lectures on various present status of medical industry and legal issues as required by client medical institutions. Through this, medical institutions will be able to not only prevent medical disputes but also acquire knowledge on countermeasures to be taken in case of occurrence of those disputes.