Practice areas

Kim & Hyun(Seseung) LLC has been continuing to provide legal advices and consulting for various scaled medical institutions based on its specialized knowledge, practical understanding of establishment and structural improvement of governance and operation and experience for more than 10 years. Through consultation, our clients have been provided by optimal solutions for the issues on operation of medical institutions including, but not limited to, establishment of medical institutions, establishment of network/franchise hospitals and MSO, merger and acquisition of medical institutions, improvement of governance of them, issues of accounting and tax, medical advertizing, attraction of alien patients and entering into overseas countries of medical institutions.

Practice areas and major examples

Operation of medical institution
  • plan for privacy protection including issuance of medical record
  • ssues related to accounting and tax for medical institutions (provide legal advice on the issues related to transfer tax and gift tax due to transfer of medical institution to a corporation)
  • review on the contents of homepage, press release and medical advertizing of medical institutions
  • entering into overseas countries of G medical corporation
  • entering into overseas countries of H doctor's clinic
  • attraction of patients by I medical institution
Establishment of medical institutions
  • newly established A medical corporation
  • established domestic branch office of B medical corporation
  • reviewed drafts of agreements (employment agreement/ agreement of goods and products supply/ agreements related to medical equipments)
  • prepared planning and implementing strategies for acquisition of medical corporation
  • obtained permit and approval for establishment of a corporation and foundation
Improvement of governance structure of medical institution
  • established and operated MSO for D oriental medicine clinic
  • provided legal advice on establishment of SPC for entering into overseas countries and profit making businesses for E medical institution
  • provide legal advice on network franchise agreement
  • provide legal advice on the issue of violation of Fair Transactions In Franchise Business ACT for a franchise hospital
  • provide legal advice on acquisition of management right of medical corporation for a listed company
  • provide legal advice on sales for F general hospital