Healthcare Advisory

Practice areas

Based on its specialized understanding and experiences in various domestic industries which are closely related to hospital service industry such as bio, cosmetics, medicine and medical supplies, medical equipments and medical finance, Kim & Hyun(Seseung) LLC has been providing optimal advices to our clients. Moreover, expanding its practice to overseas market, Kim & Hyun(Seseung) LLC has examined legal systems of major overseas countries and actively provided support for the clients, domestic medical institutions who desire to enter into overseas markets for dominating international health care markets in advance, in making negotiations with local partners.

Major examples of practice

Bio, cosmetics and beauty
  • provided advice on issues on medical laws including the Public Health Control Act for beauty business by using cosmetic products
  • reviewed on sales of cosmetics inside hospitals
  • provided promotion marketing for sales of gift certificates related to cosmetics and esthetic products and services related to hospitals
  • examined the sales of cosmetics in local areas by medical institutions which have entered into overseas markets
Medicine and medical equipments and devices
  • provided advice on rebate of medicine, medical supplies and medical equipments and devices
  • provided advice on issues of administrative disposition against advertisement exceeding the limit as required by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
  • provided advice on distributorship agreement with overseas companies
  • provided advice on legal issues on bringing on medical equipments while entering into overseas countries
Private insurance
  • examined legal issues on service for infants by B life insurance company
  • examined privacy protection laws related to application form for service use for C insurance comapny
Medical finance
  • provided advice on medical finance for A credit card company
  • provided advice on the loan of funds for medical treatment and attraction of patients under medical laws;
  • provided advice on wiseplan
  • review on issues of violation of telehealthcare laws related to reading images
  • examined medical laws related to storage of electronic medical record in server (Korea Teleradiology Center)