Policy Advisory

Practice areas

By identifying the stream of domestic and overseas health and medical market in advance, reviewing bills related to medical laws and pharmacist laws, examining government policies on health and medical affairs and conducting research tasks related to health and medical issues, Kim & Hyun(Seseung) LLC has made a contribution for the Ministry of Health and Welfare and its affiliated agencies to reduce the gap between relevant laws of present health and medical laws/system and medical service market so that they can make laws, system and policies which can cope with the stream of times.

Major examples of practice

Review on bills for enactment and revision of laws
  • reviewed a proposal bills for revision of laws such as the Act on International Medical Business Support, the Medical Service Act, the Pharmaceutical Act, the Medical Technologist Act, the National Health Insurance Act, the Mother and Child Health Act and the Wastes Control Act
  • examined the bills for enactment of the Health Management Service Act, the Act on Medical Malpractice Prevention and Remedy against Injury and the Nurse Act
  • participated in pubilc hearings held in the National Assembly
Examination of policies
  • reviewed the directions of service industry advancement such as system for-profit hospitals (KDI)
  • promote projects for supporting for mid and small sized medical institutions to actively attract foreign patients (Ministry of Health and Welfare)
  • promote projects for supporting for entering into overseas countries by medical institutions
  • research on opening of medical market (Korea Doctors' Association)
  • manual for resolution of medical disputes with foreign patients (Korea Health Industry Development Institute)
  • research on legal examination and plan for system improvement of issues related to overseas investment and restitution of profits of non-profit medical institution (Korea Health Industry Development Institute)
  • research on tax equality between national and public hospitals including the Seoul National Univ. Hospital and hospitals of private schools (Seoul National Univ. Hospital)
  • research on legal issues on MSO (Korea Health Industry Development Institute)
  • research on profit-making medical corporation and medical laws (Korea Health Industry Development Institute)
  • research on impact of approval of for-profit hospitals on medical industry ( Korea Health Industry Development Institute)
  • developed standard text books in legal practice for entering into overseas market of hospitals (Korea Human Resource Development Institute for Health & Welfare)
  • research on a plan for enhancement of public character of medical corporation (Korea Health Industry Development Institute)
  • review on a plan for establishment and operation of SPC for medical institutions entering into overseas market (Korea Health Industry Development Institute)