Introduction of practice

Intellectual property right

Kim & Hyun(Seseung) LLC carries out litigations on issues of intellectual property right (IPR) arising out of operation process of medical institutions and provided advices on various issues thereof so that disputes related to IPR can be resolved and prevented.

Examples of major practice

Patent right
  • provided advice on measures to be taken for protection of IPR to or over program for calculation of changes in cornea and intraocular pressure prior to conducting procedure of LASIK or LASEK
  • provided advice on issues of infringement of portrait rights and right to name
  • provided advice on the way of quoting a newspaper article in the homepage of medical institutions.
Trademark right
  • provided advice on resolution of dispute on IPR related to use of trademark
  • provided advice on resolution of dispute on trademark right between licensing company and domestic medical institutions in overseas country
  • provided advice on agreement and validity of transfer of service mark and business emblem

Introduction of practice


Kim & Hyun(Seseung) LLC has provided education/lectures with various subjects for various audiences including lectures on medical related laws and education sessions for education of ethics, human rights and medical disputes in the places such as government agencies, medical institutions, health and medical society and related associations. By providing quality education session/lectures, Kim & Hyun(Seseung) LLC has made a contribution to enhancement of ability to resolve disputes and prevention of problems by making persons concerned and engaging in medical services be aware of legal issues which may occur in actual site where medical services are provided and related knowledge.

Examples of major education session /lectures

  • provided a lecture on ‘medical service and law’ in graduate school of medical management in the Catholic University
  • provided a lecture for people in AHP course provided by the graduate school of medicine of Seoul National Univ.
  • provided an education session for medical laws and a plan for resolution of medical dispute for executives and employees of hospitals
  • provided workshops for working-level staffs for hospital's entry into overseas markets(Korea Human Resource Development Institute for Health & Welfare)